Who we are

The main focus of the work of the Virtual Centre has been, and continues to be, the provision of a wide range of weekly yoga classes in Yorkshire and throughout the surrounding North of England area. 

All the yoga teachers on this site have been trained in the tradition of Satyananda Yoga (previously known as the Bihar School of Yoga, now a University Bihar Yoga Bharati). For more information about the history of Satyananda Yoga please refer to the Links page. Satyananda Yoga is accredited with the British Wheel of Yoga and therefore we are all members of, and insured by that body. Details of individual teachers and their activities can be accessed from the Classes page.

Satyananda Yoga is an integral form of yoga covering the whole gamut of yoga practices from Asana (postures) to Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). It is also able to be applied to all conditions and stages of life, e.g. teaching yoga to:

Pregnant women









osteoporosis and so on.


Some teachers will offer individual tuition, either for health management and/or for the development of a personal practice regime (sadhana). Most teachers will offer some form of general class: beginners, continuation or specialist. Also there is the opportunity to attend days/workshops and occasional residential programmes see Diary page.

For further information/Details e-mail: ask@netofjewels.co.uk or Phone: 0845-345-3557